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Vlakke van Vaaldam en -rivier styg weer

Dit is weer Desember en dit reën weer baie in Gauteng en oor die land. Die Vaaldam se vlak het vinnig gestyg en die dam is bykans 100% vol, met nog reën wat voorspel word. Juis in die Vaalrivier se opvangsgebied.

En dan moet ek die internet en tegnologie inspan om te weet wat by ons gaan gebeur. Of aan die gebeure is. Want, ons huisie langs die Vaal het in 2010 en 2011 oorstroom toe die Vaaldam swak bestuur is.

Die eerste webblad waar ek kyk wat aangaan, se naam is Reservoir. Hier kyk ek na drie goed:

Eerstens kyk ek na die vlak van die Vaaldam, want as hy 100% vol is, en dit steeds reën, gaan hulle begin sluise oopmaak. In 2010 en 2011 is die sluise te laat oopgemaak en toe moet hulle te veel gelyk oopmaak, met die gevolg dat mense wie se huise veilig behoort te wees, oorstroom het.

Die sluise van die dam wat oopgemaak word, want dit is mos waar die probleem lê. As te veel te vinnig oopgemaak word, styg die rivier se oppervlak 9 meter by ons om ons huis deel van die rivier te maak.

Die sluise wat by die Barrage oopgemaak is, want dit dui aan dat die Vaaldam begin gereed maak om sluise oop te maak. Die Barrage, wat aan ons kant van die damwal lê en ook as ‘n babadam beskou kan word, moet begin uitlaat om plek te maak vir die Vaaldam se water wat losgelaat moet word.

Dit reën steeds en nog reën word voorspel, dus is die kans goed dat die rivier weer hoog gaan loop as die dam reg bestuur word. Anders is oorstromings ook moontlik.

Die tweede webblad waarna ek kyk, is die webblad van die Departement van Waterwese en Sanitasie se webblad. Hier kyk ek spesifiek na die vlak van die Vaaldam, die spoed waarteen die water vloei, die vlak van die Vaal by Orkney en die vlak by ons.

As die Vaaldam begin water uitlaat, kyk ons na die vlak by Orkney, omdat dit drie ure later by ons net so hoog gaan wees.

Tans is daar nie rede vir kommer nie, die vlak is maar 1,2 meter. Dit word egter baie vinnig 9 meter hoog as die dam te veel sluise gelyk oopmaak. En elke keer wat dit oorstroom het, het dit eers teen einde Januarie oorstroom.


Navorser, oud-onderwyseres en -dosent. Ma van twee, skoonma van twee, ouma van vier en ek het 'n manlief wat al bykans 40 jaar die pad saam met my stap. Ek skryf oor die dinge na aan my hart.

15 gedagtes oor “Vlakke van Vaaldam en -rivier styg weer

  1. Dear people,I am very pleased not to live near the spillway of a dam. We were at one time. Now we monitor the dam for water restrictions, we were. At one time last year under water restrictions and cold only use water for the garden certain times. We were under local flood conditions at that time.

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      1. When we lived in the country there were 2 each year. January and June.
        Since living in Sydney, there have been floods hemming us in but not wetting us. So to speak. Cut off from the City but safe.

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          1. My wife and I are not in the best of health, she has just come through Major Surgery, safely thank God. 🙏 We are due to open up 100% for people who are vaccinated,even though we have had more than 1000 new infections. Idiots with Covid-19 took off to a large party in Newcastle and infected everyone there. There is a Backpackers in Bondi under police guard since everyone is sick with it.
            Numbers are going to rise more from tomorrow when masks come off and Theatres and the like reopen. I believe in personal choice,I only expect that people are willing to be responsible. No more stupid protests followed by hospitalisation.
            I know how you feel about this. I read the Post. We have both just had our boosters and here it is not considered an experiment,no disclaimers. We had absolutely no effects from the injections.
            Church opens up tomorrow for Carols and BBQ. I wrote 1/2 the Liturgy, we have no Pastor and it is up to a Team of us to pull together a Service. We can only manage that once a month. We stream the service via Powerpoint rather than use Physical Prayer Books, there are special sections needing to follow the Revised Common Lectionary,that’s what I do.
            I bet you didn’t expect a novel. Watch that budding artist of yours.

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          2. Hi Andrew, I wrote that Post, sat between two fires if I should post it or not, and then I decided to post it any case. We were on a three hour long journey to our river house, which became four due to long queues at the toll gate. And then I got one comment while we waited in the queue that made me deciding to keep my thoughts to myself. The past many months I have written about the subject, and left it in my drafts box. I should not have published that one, you never know who reads it. Why do you not feel well? I am so glad your wife is fine, here we do not want to be in a hospital. So many people have postponed urgent surgery as their beloved ones are not allowed to visit them in hospital. Does not matter if they are perfectly healthy, they have to stay away. I love this long message, I am missing your whit and Afrikaans. I am not surprised that you have written it, may God bless the words as well when they are spoken.

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    1. O, I have Epilepsy and Bipolar disorder and with Jessica having been so unwell I have had a long term 🙃 depression.
      The Carols went very well but only 21 attended due to our huge outbreak of new infections. It rained so we ate the B.B.Q. outside. Already there is a young mother wanting the Country to return to Qr codes, masks etc. because of the babies too young for vaccination. There are always going to be babies so I don’t quite know what she is thinking.
      Beste Christa, jy klink jammer vir die plasing. Moenie wees nie. Ons stuur vir jou ons Kersfees liefde en Vrede van ‘n klein kindjie wat vir ons hulle Alles kom gee het. I kept getting the feminine. so settled on their everything.

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